criminal justice support

Supports the criminal justice system to identify and address emerging and existing criminal justice system issues, and to improve and establish policies that are research based, technologically advanced, effective, and work to break the cycle of crime.

economic development Assistance

Coordinates the regional Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) development for approval by the Economic Development Administration. Qualifies region to apply for federal economic development funding.

Also available: economic development planning, blight reduction strategies, economic impact modeling, feasibility and implementation strategy development.

geographic information system

Coordinates mapping, providing partners with reliable, accurate data to make more efficient and effective decisions to provide better services to the public.

Fund Development Services

Works with local governments and not-for-profits to apply for and maintain grants from public and private grant programs, including program development, grant research, writing, administration, technical assistance.

regional planning

Provides facilitated collaborative planning services to local governmental bodies, qualifying participants to apply for federal transportation funding. Also available: travel demand modeling, transit planning, land use planning.

Research & analytics

Collects, houses, and analyzes a wide variety of demographics, economic, transportation, and community data for regional and local needs. Also available: systematic reviews, case studies, white papers.

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