The Region 1 Joint Planning Commission is the governing board, fiscal and administrative agent, for all bodies operating under its responsibility.

Intergovernmental Agreement Creating Region 1 Joint Regional Planning Commission (Effective 8/21/17)


Key Resolutions

Resolution 2017-01: Bylaws of the Region 1 Joint Regional Planning Commission (Adopted 12/14/2017)

Resolution 2018-03: Adoption of Budget for FY2019 (Adopted 6/28/2018)

Resolution 2018-04: Personnel Policy (Adopted 8/23/2018)

Resolution 2018-07: Procurement Policy (Adopted 10/25/2018)

Resolution 2019-09: Financial Policy (Adopted 2/28/2019)

Resolution 2019-10: Adoption of Budget for FY2020 (Adopted 6/27/2019)

A full listing of policies and procedures are available here.