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The R1PC offers a wide range of economic development planning services to area governments, agencies, organizations, and community groups. To support the program, a small fee is required for services rendered for organizations that are not investors. To find out more contact us today.

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  • Advise local municipalities in reviewing economic development planning projects

  • Collaborate with community partners to secure external funding for various planning, civic design, and economic development initiatives

  • Assist area member governments and nonprofits with developing economic development...

    • graphic materials

    • website design and development

    • reports

    • maps (GIS and graphic design)

    • fact sheets

    • research economic information

  • Align area governments and nonprofits with economic development planning priorities and work on initiatives from an intra-MSA area to the Tri-State Region


  • Provide a public forum for the discussion of economic issues related to regional sustainability

  • Facilitate collaboration between multiple disciplines for the purpose of promoting good civic design as it relates to economic wellbeing

  • Exhibit educational information and graphical work related to economic development planning generated by local municipalities, community groups, and individuals

  • Work with community groups interested in improving the quality of the built environment and economic issues


  • Strategic plan development

  • Run the Rockford Region Vital Signs project (See pages 5-6 of this brochure.)

  • Provide data tracking and reporting services (including demographic and economic data)

  • Research opportunities to grow emerging and evolving industry clusters

  • Community and regional profiles

10 Local Steps to an EDA Grant Application

  1. Local agency or organization identifies potential project.

  2. Local agency or organization staff meet with EDD staff to discuss project. Identify with staff:

    • Alignment with EDA funding goals/priorities

    • Readiness to apply to the EDA grant program

    • Readiness to implement locally

  3. EDD staff work with project leaders to present project to EDA to determine best grant program to apply for.

  4. EDD staff works with project leaders and/or property owners to prepare project for EDA application readiness.

  5. Project leaders prepare and obtain all necessary paperwork needed for application. This includes (but is not limited to): Local match (typically 50% needed locally)

    • Engineering completed for public infrastructure

    • Environmental assessment complete

    • Company commitment stating number of jobs to be created or retained

  6. Present project to the EDD Governing Board for review.

  7. Receive approval from the EDD Governing Board to apply to EDA grant program.

  8. Local agency/municipality, or non-profit works with EDD staff to apply to EDA grant program through

  9. Project leaders work to provide additional documentation throughout the EDA’s review process.

  10. Expect EDA review of grant application to take anywhere from 3-12+ months.