Metropolitan Transportation Plan

Region 1 Planning Council (R1PC) is responsible for developing the regional Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), sometimes referred to as the long-range transportation plan (LRTP.) This plan addresses the transportation system in Boone County, Winnebago County, and northern Ogle County, providing an innovative and sustainable framework for the region’s transportation network over the next 20 – 30 years. The purpose of this plan is to identify the region’s transportation vision, strategies, and priorities for the transportation system including highways, bridges, public transit, freight, and bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

Why do we do a Metropolitan Transportation Plan?

As a metropolitan planning organization (MPO) for the Rockford Region, R1PC is required to conduct a continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive transportation planning process that results in the Metropolitan Transportation Plan, as well as the short-range plan known as the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

These two documents make projects within the region eligible to receive Federal and State transportation funding to improve, maintain, and expand the multimodal transportation network within the metropolitan planning area.

The current MTP, titled Transportation for Tomorrow (2040): A Long Range Transportation Plan for the Rockford Region, was last adopted by the MPO Policy Committee in July 2015.

2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan

Work has begun on the 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP). Updates on the progress of the plan will be posted below!

Public engagement is central to the development of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan update process and we are committed to engaging the public and stakeholders in a variety of ways.

Reports on the public engagement results can be found in the links provided below.

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Public Engagement

Additional materials related to the 2050 MTP planning process can be found in the links provided below.

Transportation Needs & Priorities Survey: Analysis Report

Supporting Documents