Alternative Transportation Committee

As the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Rockford Region, Region 1 Planning Council (RPC) is empowered by cooperative agreement. To learn more, visit the Metropolitan Planning Organization page.


Members are appointed in an effort to balance pedestrian, bicycle, and public transportation interests.

Actively involved are: Barbara Olson Center for Hope, Boone County Health Department, iBike Rockford, North Central Illinois Council of Goverments, Rockford Mass Transit District, Rockford Park District, Rockford Road Runners, Stateline Mass Transit District, SwedishAmerican, Wesley Willows, Winnebago County Health Department, Winnebago County Housing Authority, Workforce Connection


MPO Cooperative Agreement (Revised August 23, 2018)

Bylaws (Adopted 2/28/2019)

Staff Liaison

Margaret Campbell, Metropolitan Planner

Brandon Geber, Metropolitan Transit Planner



The MPO Alternative Transportation Committee is an advisory committee to the MPO Technical and Policy Committees on active and public transportation policy, planning, and implementation activies, and related transportation planning initiatives.